Dr. Mahima Singh

Ms. Pennsylvania America 2019 is Dr. Mahima Singh. She is a Dental Surgeon(DDS, BDS), former Dental Director at Volunteers in Medicine in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. She is also owner and CEO of a brand new all natural skincare line- Pink Monkey USA, Junior Diploma holder in Kathak form of Indian Classical Dance & Junior Diploma in Hindustani Classical Vocal. When she’s not volunteering, she’s running around with her four children and two Irish Wolfhounds. Her platform is Oral Cancer and oral health awareness.

Karen Pyros

My story is not clinical. Rather, it is one of faith, a mother’s healing love, common sense, gut instinct, blind hope, and miracles. It is the story of an amazing boy who just refused to give up; it is the story of the rippling effects traumatic brain injury has on family and friends. And it is the story of choosing post-traumatic growth over post-traumatic stress.

Toni Chowdhury

Toni Chowdhury is based in Montreal, Canada, and she helps creative women entrepreneurs learn how to find a continuous stream of high paying dream clients without the stress and the fear of not knowing what to do next by using her proven Ideal Client Acquisition Trifecta so that they can have financial freedom and build a business around their ideal life.

Kate Markland

I have been a successful hands-on Physiotherapist for many years and have always believed Contemporary Healthcare should be delivered in an inspiring, energetic, caring and professional way, for both the clients and the team alike. During a period of personal reflection and change, I realized I was a liability to my own business and that the safest option was to trust and support my team with a system they could understand and connect with. My goal was to enable my team to confidently run AND grow the business profitably without me physically being present all the time.

Natalia Valentina Hernandez Brito

Natalia is a teacher of 20 male students at a private British school. She continues working during the pandemic through Zoom. In her honesty she finds teaching from home highly demanding with gathering material, checking learning guides, and doing classes. It has extended her work hours from ending at 4:30 pm to now as late as 10:00PM. Natalia enjoys reading and cooking as coping mechanisms during quarantine.

Daniela Prado Canelo

My name is Daniela Prado Canelo and I am 40 years old. Currently, I live in one house with my parents, my sister, my husband and my two daughters: Maria (12) and Eva (5).
I have a Spanish last name because my father is from Chile. Hence, I do not only live in a multigenerational, but also in a multinational household. I spent part of my childhood in Latin America, therefore, I grew up in two cultures and with two languages, which probably aroused my curiosity in learning about the variety of cultures the world has to offer.

Dr. Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi

Brilliance and resilience, best describe this super energetic corporate leader celebrated in the Real Estate industry, for three decades. A TEDx speaker and recipient of over 35 prestigious awards and accolades. Ananta has spear headed leadership challenges, as the Executive Director -DLF, Chief Executive -Emaar MGF and Country Head (India & Nepal) as Senior Director -Damac. She is presently the Senior Executive Director at Experion Developers, India.

Arfa Saira Iqbal

During this global pandemic, chanel & muckboots is connecting with fascinating women from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, New Zealand, and more. You will learn about the COVID-19 in their countries and how this pandemic and quarantine is affecting (or is it effecting) their personal lives and businesses – yet not their visions, dreams, and plants. Our first guest is Ms. Arfa Iqbal from the United Kingdom.