Tiffany Cloud

Executive Producer/Writer
Episode 5 – Season 1

Tiffany Cloud is considered one of the finest political minds in the region and one of the only women in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to hold such a strong record of victories as a political adviser. Having served as the Chief Campaign Adviser to Tarah Toohil in her upset victory over sitting House Majority Leader Todd Eachus, the strategic mastermind behind the campaign for DA Stefanie Salavantis in her upset victory over Jackie Musto Carroll, and the Senior Campaign Adviser in the landslide victory for Dan Meuser for Congress 9th PA, Cloud knows how to win and does not shy away from candidates others may consider long shots.

With an extensive background in marketing, advertising and public relations inclusive of years with top ad agencies in major US markets and overseas, Cloud is a marketing and advertising expert and has applied those skills to her work in the political realm.

This past year, she was among those from northeastern PA featured in Ben Bradlee Jr’s political book, The Forgotten, sharing her thoughts on the Trump Election victory 2016.

When not doing campaign work, she is the host of television show based out of Hazleton called The Storm and is the only local on air personality to have landed interviews with multiple Trump surrogates during the 2016 election cycle, including Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Carl Higbie as well as Benghazi hero Kris “Tanto” Paronto. 

Additionally, she executive produces a veteran-oriented outdoor show along with her husband, SSG Erik Olson, Ret., called Warrior Summit Outdoors, the 1st show of its kind in the nation, dedicated entirely to helping combat veterans heal the scars of war in the great outdoors. The show airs in over 35 Million Households nationwide on Youtoo America.

Cloud is also a published author, having written a book called Sleeping with Dog Tags about her experience as a military wife during her spouse’s war deployment. In  2012, the book was the #3 Hot New Release for military bios on, in the top 45 of all books written by women, and was on their military bio bestsellers list. 

She was graduated from Colgate University in 1990.

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