Lindsey Sutton

Director of Education for The Lands at Hillside Farms
Episode 7 – Season 1

My name is Lindsey Sutton. I’m also known as “Mama”, “Mommy”, “Ma! The Meatloaf” (thank my husband for that), and Miss Lindsey. I’m the adoptive mother of two strong willed, amazing children and the Director of Education for The Lands at Hillside Farms. My hobbies include tripping over toys, drinking coffee like it is my sole life force, and guessing what the stains on my clothing are from. 

As the Director of Education at The Lands at Hillside Farms, I have the pleasure of using fun phrases like, “Just put that box of skulls in the trunk so you can sit in the car” and “Hold on a second, the goat has her head stuck again”. Most of my coworkers have feathers, fur, or four legs. Teaching vulnerable youth actually helped me begin diving into the world of foster care after seeing the need in our community. 

My family was built through foster care and we have been unbelievably fortunate throughout our process. My husband and I began the process in January of 2017, and received the call for our son two days after being approved. The next day, he was in our arms. We brought our daughter home from the NICU five months later. Raising two infants/toddlers 16 months apart in age has been quite the experience.  (Hence the coffee.) 

Navigating the world of foster care and adoption has been an eye opening experience for me. I learned things about myself I didn’t know were possible. Not only did we become a family through our experience, but we’ve added so many “extended family members” to our tribe. Although it was a bumpy ride, our kids made every moment worthwhile. 

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