Julia Simone

Julia Simone is a cosmetologist with a story of happiness, hope and life.
Episode 2 – Season 2

My name is Julia. I am 22 years old I have suffered with a learning disability that makes it hard for me to understand things and communicate with other people.  This challenge has given me severe anxiety and depression for the greater portion of my life. I was bullied a lot through school.  Kids knocked me down and would tell me I was fat, ugly, retarded, never going anywhere with my life, and so much more.

More than once, I wanted to end my life.

I was homeschooled for most of high school and I spent most of my time with my Grandmother.  Those who know me know my Grandmother was my whole life. She passed away my senior year and it took a tremendous toll on me. Somehow, some way, I found the strength and decided to go back to school. 

I got into college and my first semester was great!  The second semester rolled around and three more family members had passed away.  My depression began to get worse again and I decided to take some time off of school to figure out what I wanted to do. I am so happy I did.

Today I am a cosmetologist with a great job supported by my amazing coworkers. I have a beautiful group of friends who all go above and beyond to make each other laugh and feel good about themselves. I have my mom and my sister who have never left my side. They are always my biggest fans and always help pick me up when I’m down. 

I am sharing my story because I’ve been seeing many beautiful souls take their lives because of people who are mean – even brutal. These bullies do not (or will not) open their minds and realize that words hurt! My mission in life is to help people feel beautiful inside and out.  I want to help anyone who is having a hard time understand that one-day it WILL BE okay and you will find your way! You will love life and you will understand why you are important to the world.  Everyone is important! You are Worth it! You are Strong. You are Powerful.