Kate Markland

Kate Markland
The Markland Clinic
Founder, The Markland Method
Cotswold Leisure Centre

Cirencester, UK
Episode 8 – Season 2

Living and Leading During Uncertainty

“Different people are reacting in different ways and at different times and it’s about accepting and being aware of that and certainly, as the owner of my business and I talked to different team members, is being really aware, different people are at a different place and time and that is ok.”

I have been a successful hands-on Physiotherapist for many years and have always believed Contemporary Healthcare should be delivered in an inspiring, energetic, caring and professional way, for both the clients and the team alike. During a period of personal reflection and change, I realized I was a liability to my own business and that the safest option was to trust and support my team with a system they could understand and connect with. My goal was to enable my team to confidently run AND grow the business profitably without me physically being present all the time. After much research, I was unable to find a course or program that was suited to what I needed because much of what already existed simply lacked the basic fundamentals of assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome.

Disappointed in what I found, I decided to create a system teaching clinicians the anatomy and physiology of business so they can apply their clinical reasoning skills to their business and create healthy sustainable profitable clinics.  

There is relative decrease in social funding for non-emergency healthcare and increase in privatization of healthcare delivery.  Small clinic businesses lack business education in language they can relate too.

I named the program The Markland Method – a biological model for running a profitable business in a language that healthcare businesses already understand.
The Markland Method value proposition is teaching clinicians the fundamentals of how to run a business and how to apply their knowledge of structure and function, and the principles of business assessment, diagnosis, treatment, outcome.”

You can learn more about The Markland Method by clicking here: https://marklandmethod.com