Toni Chowdhury

Toni Chowdhury
Founder, Ideal Client Acquisition Trifecta
Organizer, The Holistic Entrepreneurship Summit
Montreal, Canada
Episode 9 – Season 2

Toni Chowdhury is based in Montreal, Canada, and she helps creative women entrepreneurs learn how to find a continuous stream of high paying dream clients without the stress and the fear of not knowing what to do next by using her proven Ideal Client Acquisition Trifecta so that they can have financial freedom and build a business around their ideal life.
Toni is a speaker and she also organizes The Holistic Entrepreneurship Summit that brings together talented speakers on a multitude of topics from all around the world. The Summit’s mission is to bring free education to female entrepreneurs who need the support and the knowledge to speak up, step up and level up in their lives and their businesses.
Toni has been an entrepreneur for 10 years while still working in a corporate job with a Fortune 100 software company. Her coaching and consulting businesses were a result of her watching women struggle with their feelings of deservingness and the ability to live their dream life.
She has been through abuse and domestic violence, and also dealt with clinical depression her entire life but firmly believes that if someone can put mind over matter, everything is possible.
This makes her feel really called to help women succeed on their own terms!