Dr. Mahima Singh

Ms. Pennsylvania America 2019, Owner and CEO – Pink Monkey LLC
& Volunteer Dentist at Volunteers in Medicine
Episode 11 – Season 1

Ms. Pennsylvania America 2019 is Dr. Mahima Singh. She is a Dental Surgeon(DDS, BDS),  former Dental Director at Volunteers in Medicine in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. She is also owner and CEO of a brand new all natural skincare line- Pink Monkey USA, Junior Diploma holder in Kathak form of Indian Classical Dance & Junior Diploma in Hindustani Classical VocalWhen she’s not volunteering, she’s running around with her four children and two Irish Wolfhounds. Her platform is Oral Cancer and oral health awareness.

“I fought being labeled ‘beautiful’ all my life considering it a shallow presumption or summing up of my personality until I started ‘losing’ the physical beauty because of age, pregnancies and my own lack of attention to my physicality. I sent in my application for the Ms Pennsylvania pageant just because of the challenge of doing something new and to stay afloat with a distraction during my mom’s sickness. I was happy to be crowned when I had lost so much hair and am 2 dress sizes bigger than my baseline, thereby proving my eternal belief that beauty is always what beauty does, winning the crown for my qualifications, communication abilities and inner qualities set me on a path of finally not fighting the ‘beauty’ label but owning it. It validated me at age 44, as a strong, independent career woman, wife, mother, leader. Most importantly, I was good enough just as I am, with all of my life’s battle scars.”

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Spokesperson and volunteer dentist at the Mission Of Mercy in PA event where we provided free dental treatment to about 2000 people in 2days, doing about a million dollars worth of dentistry, Supported local soup kitchens as the main organizer & chairperson holding a cultural event that raised $4000, Many hours of dentistry every week as a volunteer dentist and as former Dental Director at Volunteers in Medicine, Ran free oral screening event in the community, Creating awareness about Oral cancer and oral health through online platform Mundaii (published article)

SPECIAL AWARDS  /  RECOGNITION / ACHIEVEMENTS: Outstanding Volunteer Dentist award 2016, published article on Oral Cancer Risks for Generation Z on Mundaii,  Distinction in 1st year and graduated at the top of the class in Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Miss Fresher, 1st yr Bachelor of Arts- Philosophy Honors, Miranda House, Won many awards in school for extemporaneous speeches.