Sarah Russoniello

Founder and Executive Director – Serendipity Therapeutic Riding
Episode 9 – Season 1

Sarah Russoniello has risen from the ashes time and time again. 

Sarah’s darkest times found her homeless living out of her car thousands of miles from Northeastern Pennsylvania, eating whatever food could be salvaged from the local grocery store dumpster.  This was after ending an abusive relationship.  Soon thereafter, as single mother of a beautiful baby girl, Sarah clawed her way towards a better life for her and her newborn daughter.  Working two and often times three jobs at a time as well as attending college, Sarah kept her focus on her goals and providing the best life possible for her daughter.  

Having always found kinship and comfort in horses as a child and young adult; struggling with learning difficulties herself in both reading and ADD, Sarah had always dreamt of sharing the comfort she had found in horses with other individuals who faced the same difficulties.  In 2013, Sarah achieved her certification as a therapeutic riding instructor.  Here, she could assist other individuals facing challenges achieve independence and solace through equine facilitated learning and therapeutic horseback riding.

Today, Sarah is founder and Executive Director of Serendipity Therapeutic Riding, a non-profit 501(c)(3) facility located in Northeastern Pennsylvania.   Sarah is a proud mother to an amazingly compassionate, fearless, independent teenage daughter.  Serendipity is home to 8 incredible (rescued) therapy horses, 4 chickens, 4 felines, 2 super cute lady goats, and a feisty little (rescued) dog. 

Sarah’s philosophy on life, limits, stumbles, and falls mirrors riding a horse: Chin up, heels down, eyes ahead and never, ever give up!  

Facebook:  Serendipity Therapeutic Riding Center