Linda Armstrong

Dress for Success Luzerne County
Episode 1 – Season 1

In 2007, Linda founded Dress for Success Luzerne County – a local affiliate of an international nonprofit organization that helps empower women to achieve economic independence. 

Since opening, Dress for Success Luzerne County has helped over 1,250 women seeking employment. In that 98% of women coming to Dress for Success are the single head of household raising 2 – 3 children, taking a woman off welfare insures that an additional 3 will not be reliant on government assistance. 100% of women come to Dress for Success after experiencing a disruption in their lives caused by issues such as prolonged unemployment, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues, domestic violence and incarceration.

Dress for Success Luzerne County and Linda Armstrong strive to end generational poverty by teaching women how to work and then how to develop their careers. By helping the women in our community develop their skills, they will become sought-after employees and career-oriented members of society.

In her free time, Linda is an active member of the Wyoming Valley Motorcycle Club that each year raises thousands of dollars to support local organizations such as Wyoming Valley Children’s Association, Luzerne County SPCA and The Salvation Army.

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